Hallowell Woodworks, LLC is a one man woodworking business located in the beautiful and eclectic city of Hallowell, Maine.  Although officially established in 2011, I have been a passionate woodworker dating back to 1988 when I built a cradle for my first born child. As I constructed the cradle, I was amazed at how it was possible to take rough cut lumber and create what would one day become a family heirloom, enjoyed by many generations to come.

I have been a practicing general pediatrician for the last thirty-four years and during this time, I have always been thinking about a way to combine my love of woodworking and my love of pediatrics. I have recently embarked on designing and turning a line of custom, heirloom baby rattles. The rattles are the result of my personal observations of infant development and are designed to enhance your infant’s auditory, visual and tactile senses. Each rattle is custom turned in my shop and finished with a natural, baby safe finish composed of mineral oil and beeswax. I have been quite pleased with the positive feedback I have received from parents as well as the smiles on the faces of their babies. I have full confidence that you too will be pleased with your purchase.

In addition to my heirloom rattles, I will also be offering a variety of other items, each personally handcrafted and each a work of art.

I appreciate you visiting my site and encourage you to leave any comments.

Kieran Kammerer

PS: Remember to read to your baby everyday!